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Nancy MagoonNancy Magoon

Friendly professionals from the phone to the front desk to vet techs, and the vets. ❤️The prices are reasonable AND they do their own after hours emergency work.

Candace Craw-GoldmanCandace Craw-Goldman

Best clinic, best vets, best facilities, best of everything. Cutting edge and open minded. All of my critters are well cared for by my friends at Rose Hill Vet Health Center!

Jenny SigginsJenny Siggins

I cannot express just how wonderful the entire staff at Rose Hill Vet clinic are. My sisters mini yorkie had double knee surgery and the whole experience (given what it was) was phenomenal. Their care is second to none. Both of MY cats have recently visited and one as early as yesterday. Aside from the care they provide to the animals their bedside manner to the concerned “parents” is also off the charts. They explain things in depth, they listened with a smile as I cried and slightly overreacted and never made me feel awkward. I had personal phone numbers in case my cat got worse over night... they have a brand spanking new State. Of. The. Art surgical facility to boot!! Their prices are also just about unbeatable. I trust them completely with the lives of all my animals and that statement isn’t something I throw around. I’m so glad we stumbled on them and it’s worth the drive if you don’t live in RH.

Marna AtkinsonMarna Atkinson

Thank you Dr Brian Hodes for the care and compassion you gave Princess. Having you come out on a “farm call” so her last moments could be at home where she was most comfortable, means a lot.

Jamie Buckley BanksJamie Buckley Banks

We love the vets and staff at RHVHC. Great facility, friendly staff, wonderful care!

Tricia LynchTricia Lynch

Dr. Jessica goes above and beyond for my horse and me. Her team is always super professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend, cannot say enough good things about the vets and staff here.

Caeli LemkeCaeli Lemke

Dr. Hodes is always so patient and understanding to not only the pets needs but also their owners!

Joseph MilledgeJoseph Milledge

We have had sick animals at a time of no extra money, yet you guys see us take care of the need with open arms, and honesty with the treatment needed. Also with strach pay we can afford to take care of our Animals, when short on funds. Thank you!

Michelle BledsoeMichelle Bledsoe

The vets here are top notch and are always spot on with care. my horses have been very happy. Couldn't ask for a better staff. Pricing is very reasonable.

Dannie BrigmanDannie Brigman

Dobby just had major teeth surgery today, poor guy had the worst breath possible. To where we could not even be around him. Had 9 teeth extracted. Dr Tanner was Leary about this cause of his age and under sedation. Dobby did great!! Just bummed he is on a soft liquefied diet for life. Christmas will be good for him cause we are able to love on him now.
Thank you Dr Tanner. ���

Mercedes DeAnne BirdMercedes DeAnne Bird

We’ve had phenomenal care from the entire staff! Last night my pup got super sick out of the blue. We were able to call and talk to Dr. Tanner multiple times after hours. He even gave us a follow up call this morning to see how he was doing. We scheduled an appointment and saw Dr. Brian Hodes who was also amazing with our boy.

Josh MeyerJosh Meyer

Big thank you to Jessica Harrison and her assistant for such kindness and understanding this morning. Had to let my boy go to his eternal rest. We were given all the time we needed with my pup. He made it to 12y 8m.

Michelle YardleyMichelle Yardley

Dr Tanner very impressed

Korin BogleKorin Bogle

great clinic! the vets and nurses and techs amd everyone work hard to make you and your pets happy and healthy!

Renea CloseRenea Close

Both of my dogs are seen by Rose Hill Vet and they are great with both and can always been seen even at short notice.

Emily AtkinsonEmily Atkinson

Our dog (Princess) has had many health issues throughout the years we have had her. Brian and all the other vets were very helpful to us so that we could make her comfortable during her last few months. Thank you all for everything!!

Madi QuallsMadi Qualls

The best Veterinary center I’ve ever been too. Friendly and loving staff that cared for my dog like she was theirs. Dr. Tanner and his staff are friendly, informative and so knowledgeable! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to take care of their dog with the upmost care.

BrianandCarrie WattsBrianandCarrie Watts

They do an awesome job floating teeth! Dr Jessica and her staff are very caring and pleasant.

Chelsea StebbinsChelsea Stebbins

Wonderful people who truely care about animal health and there clients. 🐕❤️

Curt RobertsCurt Roberts

Saved our dogs life, great people and great care from all the vets and staff

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